Tree work
Our work, broken down by degree of importance in the orders we get from our customers
Safety pruning
Dead wood lopping
Hedge trimming
Tree felling
Tree removal
Stump removal
Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)


Address Rollantstraat 12 – 1933 STERREBEEK
Mobile 0468 19 25 17
IBAN BE67 0017 6517 5987
VTA 636.981.578

Why chose Tree Dimension?

Today you can find a wide number of tree workers. Therefore it is important to chose somebody you can rely on.
Here are some of the reasons you can safely chose Thomas Ranschaert from Tree Dimension. Whatever care your trees need.

Our assets
  • Felling or pruning trees is a skilled activity. Your trees and hedges need to be taken care of when you have a garden, but tree care is different from gardening. Tree work can be dangerous for yourself and for others. It requires adequate materials, often expensive and dangerous to use. Thomas can take care of your trees in all safety for you.
  • Tree Dimension is a young and dynamic company. It tries to offer you a reasonable pricing policy while ensuring both safe and skilled care for your trees and hedges. If you call or mail Thomas, he’ll come along at short notice to make a free quote.
  • Thomas has attended professional training at BSBB, the Belgian school for Tree Work (Belgische School voor Boomverzorging en Bosbeheer). This schooling meets the growing need for specialisation and labelling of this professional sector. This training leads to the ETW certificate, European Tree Worker. This ensures you tree work that is not harmful to your trees.
  • As Tree Dimension is a young enterprise, Thomas will be able to answer your queries very fast and flexibly. Quotes won’t take long to let you know exactly what the price is, with the work being carried out immediately or at your best convenience. Leave Thomas a message. He’ll definitely answer you fast.

Leave me a message, I’ll contact you fast! Thomas.

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